Having a party? Have a look-see at our cupcake tower packages. Get a few dozen cupcakes and display them on our impressive cupcake tower stands. You can even get a cake to crown the top of your tower.


Cupcake Tower Packages

Package A
Php 2,000.00
3-tier Cupcake Tower
60 mini-cupcakes OR 24 regular sized cupcakes
(up to 2 flavors)

Package B
Php 2,600.00
3-tier Cupcake Tower
100 mini-cupcakes OR 36 regular sized cupcakes
(up to 3 flavors)

Package C
Php 4,100.00
5-tier Cupcake Tower
160 mini-cupcakes OR 60 regular sized cupcakes
(up to five flavours)



Additional Cupcakes
Php 700.00
30 mini-cupcakes or 12 regular-sized cupcakes
(one flavour)


Top Tier Cutting Cakes  
6x3 cutting cake
From Php 1,200.00
8x3 cutting cake
From Php 1,800.00
2-layer cutting cake 8-6", all edible
From Php 2,800.00
2-layer cutting cake 8-6", bottom only edible
From Php 2,500.00

Customized Cupcake Toppers
For Regular or mini cupcakes
per topper depending on the design.
May cost more for more complex designs.
Php 5.00 - 25.00



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